Orly Anan is a visual Artist and set designer interested in the mixture between ritual and contemporary art. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of different countries, from India to Mexico, these cultures being her main inspiration. The work of Orly Anan is born of the mysticism implied in everyday life, defining spirituality as the consciousness of the energy that unites and interweaves everything. She decontextualizes objects as an act of awareness, exchange and feedback, giving cause for a very personal aesthetic. She focuses mainly on scenography and space intervention using everyday objects as an exploration tool.

 Her film sets have been seen at film festivals such as Cannes, Tribeca Film Festival, and Rhode Island International Film Festival. She currently lives between  New York and Mexico City where she has had the opportunity to collaborate with artists such as Marina Abramovic, Kris Moran, Daniel Arsham,  Annie Leibovitz, Missy Elliot and Usher, among others. Her stage work has been published in magazines such as: 

  • Vogue Italy 
  • V Magazine
  • T Magazine 
  • New York Times 
  • Harpers Bazaar 
  • Bullet Magazine 
  • L’Officiel Mexico 
  • L’Officiel Germany 
  • Metal Magazine Surface Magazine 
  • Numero Magazine
Currently represented by Galeria Licenciado & Brutal.Inc