Generator / Marina Abramović

Facilitator for “GENERATOR”, an art installation by Marina Abramović.

“The new type of art will be more like a power station, a producer of new energy.”
Alexander Dorner (1893-1957)

In Generator, Abramović will focus on “nothingness.” She will transform the main gallery into a space of sensory deprivation, an opportunity for forced introspection. In order to create an uninterrupted, quiet, physical and mental state, visitors will be required to leave their cellphones, watches, bags, etc. in a locker before entering the gallery. Assisted by facilitators who were trained by performance artist and Abramović collaborator Lynsey Peisinger, visitors will don noise canceling headphones and blindfolds. A maximum of sixty-eight people will be allowed in at a time.

Abramović will create what she has previously described as “full emptiness,” a term derived from Tibetan teachings of oneness. Dealing with both the meditative and the communal, Generator will be a unique environment for visitors to push the boundaries of their self-awareness and inner-consciousness, as they are confronted with nothing but themselves and the palpable energy in the room.

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