Orly Anan is a Colombian/ Israeli visual artist and Art Director interested in the mysticism implicated in everyday life , she is currently experimenting with the intersection of ritual and popular culture, as well as Anthropocosmic Surrealism. Her research has led her to explore the traditions of various countries, from Asia to Latin America , these cultures being her main inspiration.

One thing Orly has learned from exploring all of these cultures, and something that she puts to use in her own work, is the deep meaning people assign to certain objects and places ,“ I’ve always been attracted to shrines , rituals and  temples, because every human can feel some type of holiness in front of it, I believe this kind of spiritual experiences connects us to our DNA in the most ancestral human essence ¨.

She currently have a studio in Mexico City .‍

¨¨I love the idea that you can travel in the infinite cosmos if you are submerged in a manipulated space. I am a romantic dreamer, so I guess that to alter reality is a need for me.¨¨

Art Shows


- EIN SOF Video Art premiere / Venice International Art Fair: Italy
- Salon Delicatessen / Museum of Museums : Seattle - US

- Las Baleboste / Seattle Art Fair : Seattle - Us

- Video art installation / SLU Contemporary Art Gallery : Southern Louisiana University - US


- Molecular Meditation / Maia Contemporary : Mexico city - Mex


- The Intimacy of social distancing / Boca a Boca : TLV-Israel

- 100 sculptures of Tomorrow by Thames and Hudson : London-UK

- Narciso art space / the perfect human : Mexico city-Mex

- Artes House / Madame Mazal : Mexico city-Mex


- Miami art Basel with Anonimo collective : Miami-USA

- Xpace cultural / Miss Colombia : Toronto-Canada

- General Prim public art space / Plata sobre gelatina : Mexico city-Mex

- Gallery Weekend / Licenciado Gallery / Las chicas del piano : Mexico City-Mex


- Zona maco/ Licenciado gallery / Cena sin Jamón : Mexico city-Mex

- The bass museum / Latin America emerging artist : Miami-US

- Red Bull music fest/ Latin Drama art installation : LA-US

- Chloro art space/ Golden Bath : Mexico City-Mex


- Zona maco / Licenciado gallery / ven a mi : Mexico city-Mex

- Noche blanca Yucatán / Desesos de un placer absurdo : Merida-Mex

- Licenciado Gallery / Walking on gold : Mexico City-Mex

- Tequila Patron Art Space / tú y yo : Mexico City-Mex

- Gallery Weekend /Licenciado Gallery / Ven a mí : Mexico City-Mex